Sunday, 29 July 2012

Behind the scenes at Box Hill: Can't believe it's all over!

And that's that! Well done to Lizzie for bringing home a silver medal for Team GB. Here on Box Hill the atmosphere was amazing - from the cheering fans lining the route to us here in the comms office shouting at the telly at the fantastic climax.

Just some of the beautiful landscapes at Box Hill ©Brian Cleckner
We'd like to say a huge thank you to the spectators who were really respectful of the marked ticketed areas, helping to protect our wildlife. We've now got a busy time as LOCOG dismantle the site and we survey the area to monitor any affect on our special landscape. We'll be open to cyclists and cars from 4 Aug, and to walkers from 31 Jul.

The crowds waiting for the ladies race on Butterfly Bend, one of the most special areas for wildlife ©Brian Cleckner

Andy Wright, the countryside manager for the Surrey Hills, has been working on site all weekend. Here's his perspective on the event:

“This has been such a team effort. Prior to being involved with anything like this I just imagined the roads were closed, the races blasted through and the roads re-open. Oh boy, was I in for a shock! You wouldn’t believe what goes in behind the scenes, particularly with the added complication of protecting the fragile habitats of Box Hill.

“We have faced challenges and some difficult situations. However, my overriding memory will be an amazing working relationship with so many differing organisations and individuals.

I am so proud to have played a small part in the 2012 Games and feel privileged to have worked alongside such a great bunch of people.”

And for all of you who came across Andy on TV and radio this weekend, here's a special little picture of him in one of the great Zig Zag catering team t-shirts. Lots of people quite fancied owning one of these, so we're pleased to announce that a limited number will be on sale for £10 each in the shop when we open again on the 4 Aug.

Andy modelling the Zig Zag t-shirt

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