Saturday, 28 July 2012

Behind the scenes on Box Hill: on the way into the office this morning

Quick behind the scenes blog from the regional comms team.

Hello all!

After staying up late to watch the opening ceremony with the comms and media team, and then a restless night in the campsite, where I was much too excited to sleep, we made it up Box Hill at 7am.

At the top we bumped into Andy Wright, our Surrey Hills countryside manager who'd just finished giving an interview to Mike Bushell of BBC Breakfast. He was very good on camera getting compliments from the BBC team for being so awake so early in the morning.

Andy and Mike Bushell

En route, there were lots of excited people claiming their spot on the route. Once we'd passed through into the main ticketed area, we snuck off to get a picture in front of the rings on the hill. It was very quiet compared to the crowds outside!

Michelle and Alex from the regional comms team
It was really interesting seeing all the people setting up for the race. We spotted a number of team cars and some great grafitti supporting TeamGB

Some of our favourite grafitti
More behind the scenes stories if we can get them later...

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