Monday, 29 July 2013

Taking the Wild-time challenge - No.19 Play Pooh Sticks, Mottisfont, Hampshire

A post from Rebecca, our volunteer member blogger, about trying our 50 things Wild-time challenge. She's going writing about our adventures with her family all summer.

Some of the bedtime stories that BT, LT and I enjoy most are A A Milne’s collection of tales of a rather chubby bear, Winnie the Pooh, and his dear friends in the Hundred Acre wood.  Somehow they never fail to make the woods seem full of adventure and the promise of meeting some old chums.

Walking through Morgaston Woods on a recent outing, our eyes were peeled, hoping to spot a heffalump but sadly no heffalumps were to be found, nor any woozles neither.  However, we might have had more luck spotting an owlet nesting at the base of a tree if the signs at The Vyne were to be believed!  With none of our fictional woodland friends found, we decided to set up camp overlooking the lake.  Picnicking through sunshine and showers and fortified by sandwiches (no honey – sorry Pooh!) we then spent some time searching for the perfect ‘equipment’ for our sporting event and next #50Things challenge: Playing Pooh Sticks.

A perfect bridge found, the rules of the game were somewhat hastily explained and little sticks were at the ready.  BT and LT were so excited that I am pretty sure that they threw their sticks in before I had a chance to start the race!  Rushing to the other side to see whose stick came from the under the bridge first, reminded me of how the simplest things in life are often the best.  I think that could be one of the loveliest aspects of the  #50Things project – just children being children in the countryside.  BT, ever the competitive one among us, was desperate to see her stick sail past the little weir whilst LT whooped with delight, shouting 'Mine, mine' and 'Again, again'!  I am not sure that BT, LT and I are up to World Pooh Sticks championship standard yet but we happily
passed away an afternoon before heading in search of a hot chocolate.

If like us, you are a big fan of Winnie the Pooh and his adventures with Christopher Robin, then you might like to head down to  Mottisfont in Hampshire.  Until 15 September , you will find an exhibition of E H Shepard’s charming illustrations and a whole raft of activities including Winnie the Pooh’s Great ‘Expotition’ which allow one and all to follow in a certain fuzzy old bear’s footsteps.

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