Friday, 16 August 2013

#50things Friday and Taking the Wild-time Challenge No. 18 - Make some wild art

Summer hols are very nearly over…..where has the time gone?! Well, for Big Tot, Little Tot and I it has been filled with #50things and discovering lots of new Nation Trust haunts.  So far we have completed 17 out of 25 of the #50things as part of our #wildtime challenge.  We need to get cracking as there are only 2 weeks left of the challenge and we are determined to get to 25!  In fact, Big Tot has been hounding me on a daily basis for all the camping related ones on the list! Looks like I had better pack up my tent and camping stove…

I leave you with a little photo of the week - No.18 - Create some wild art.  Probably not what most had in mind for this one but BT had fun posing as a mermaid on a recent visit to Birling Gap (look out for our next post about our day at the seaside on this blog).  LT had no time for art and was far more interested in listening to shells or talking on her ‘stone phone’!

Some fabulous pictures and blog posts this week so thank you again for sharing them with @southeastNT.  If you haven’t caught the fantastic pictures from Scotney Castle on the NT London and the South East’s Facebook page, then you must! Senior Ranger, Ross Wingfield, had a lesson in how to be a kid with help of one of the National Trust's’s Kids Councillors, Iona Howells.  I spy a budding ranger in the making there!

Free range children?!  Now Amy has the right idea! Let’s get them busy with #50things and the #wildtime challenge! @amy78amy #Claremont today. Making the most of my #NationalTrust membership this week, so nice to be able to let kids run free! 
Don’t forget to look up as well as all around.  The night sky has been pretty spectacular of late for completing #no27 Go star gazing! The Perseids meteor shower and moon setting over Polsden Lacy @southeastNT #skyatnight
Nothing like a bit of making and growing your own- thanks @heidi_smart: Fun @KnoleNT @southeastNT today making instruments and planting lettuce in our decorated pots
Now this is our kind of day… many of the #50things can you jam pack into one visit to an NT London and South East venue?! Vanessa and her children have been very busy indeed – go and see all their photos
Couldn’t leave the round up before sharing this one with you….PLEASE get yourselves this weekend to @SissinghurstNT #Smallholding Fair this weekend. Alpacas, piggies, cows, chooks.  Sounds like the whole farmyard will be down there!  A real taste of the good life!

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