Friday, 30 August 2013

#50things Friday - The end of our #wildtime challenge

Enjoying what we've grown
Well this is the last week of our summer hols and Big Tot, Little Tot and I have been busy readying ourselves for Big Tot’s first day at school next week. We have explored the countryside, gone on long walks and generally tucked into a lot of yummy home-grown and wild treats!  

Sharing the bounty
 There is something about foraging for food….it tastes so much better and keeps us going as we trample up those big hills on our walks!  This week, we ticked off No. 9 Eat an apple straight from a tree, No. 21 Pick blackberries growing the wild and No. 41 Plant it, grow it, eat it!  A hat trick of #50things – and very proud of ourselves we were too!  This summer has seen us complete of all these challenges too and we have enjoyed every minute, even No. 6. Run around in the rain!

No 1. Climb a tree

No 2. Roll down a really big hill

Right before we picked them!
No 4. Build a den

No 6. Run around in the rain

No 7. Fly a kite

No 9.  Eat an apple straight from a tree

No 12. Make a trail with sticks

No 16. Make a daisy chain

No 18. Create some wild art

No 19. Play pooh sticks

No 20. Jump over waves

No 21.  Pick blackberries growing in the wild

No 22. Explore inside a tree

No 23. Visit a farm

Our tree elephant
No 24. Go on a walk barefoot

No 26. Hunt for fossils and bones

No 31. Hunt for bugs

No 34. Track wild animals

No 37.  Check out the crazy creatures in a rockpool

No 41. Plant it, grow it, eat it

No 42. Go swimming in the sea

No 44. Go bird watching

No 48. Learn to ride a horse

You lot have been pretty busy too!!! We love your #50things adventures almost as much as our own!

Loved this little video of discovering what’s under the water Have you tried No. 35 of your #50things - Discovering what's in a pond?  What did you see?

Some serious adventurers here!  Very committed even in the rain!  We salute you @krens28!  Great fun at Ightham Mote Den Building yesterday! Even in the rain!! @southeastNT @NTIghthamMote

A bit of messing about on the river here – looks heavenly! @lucycdavies Messing about on the water (in Rudyard Kipling's old boat) @batemansNT @ Bateman's NT

Lovely share here from @heidi_smart: Tasting, smelling and identifying herbs @polesdenlacey and planting cress #50things Her little ones have been busy this summer!

@ljbarton #39 catch a crab! #wildtime #50things :D

Wild-Time may be over but there are plenty more #50things adventures to be had as autumn makes us reach for wellington boots and coats!  Big Tot is already talking about No.10 Play conkers and I am pretty sure that No. 33 Catch a falling leaf will shortly follow.  Who knows, we might even manage to get to 25 out of 50things with #No3 Camp out in the wild, No. 47 Cook on a campfire and No. 27 Go star gazing this weekend as the finale to our summer adventures?!  For now though, thanks so much for sharing all your #50things adventures this summer…….make sure you carry on ticking off all 50 of those fantastic challenges!  DO send in your pictures, tweets and shares on Facebook and @southeastNT.  The lovely National Trust ladies and gents love hearing about your NT adventures.

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